Beworth Design/Lab Header Image Beworth Design/Lab is a Hong Kong based design- and researchlab. We focus on Industrial Design, Product Design, Product Ergonomics, Circular Design and Sustainability for consumer products.
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/Imagine, Ideate, Design, Prototype

After a briefing we start with a basic design research in where we study competition, price targets, the target group and other insights relevant for creating a design which helps you as well as the consumers. After that we start designing, generate design concepts and prototypes for further evaulation of your product. In collaboration with you and/or your designers we can offer AI-inspired designs using Stable Diffusion or MidJourney.

/Human Factors, Product Ergonomics

Products can be very good looking but can be very frustrating (interface) or painful to use. Ergonomic research and redesign of your product can help in that case. Product usability evaluations provide insights and suggestions for redesign of your products which can be tested afterwards by usability tests. Our consultants can help with writing ergonomic design guidelines, research for human body dimensions and anthropometric research.

/Circular Design, Sustainability

Transforming towards a circular value chain should start at the onset of any project. We are a sustainability consultancy company dedicated for consumer goods (fashion, electronics or household appliances). We provide design research and circular design methods to reduce your product's materials, energy and waste during its entire lifetime and we help companies setting up guidelines and tools for designers and engineers.
We are C2C EPEA Accredited
Mitra Smart Glasses for Visually Impaired
The biggest challenge for visually impaired people, especially with a complete loss of vision, is navigation.
Anthropometrics and Applied Ergonomics for Philips Earphones and Headphones
© Gibson Innovations
© Gibson Innovations
Learn how we help other companies with Ergonomic Research
Research for Circular Design and the Circular Economy
© Techtronic Industries
Helping one of the biggest companies going circular. Fighting climate change one step at a time.
AI Generated Design Concepts for Bicycles
AI Generated Designs
Exploration Bicycle Designs using MidJourney. AI Art Generators can bring creativity to a whole new level. How to best use it though?

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