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Our Expertise

We handle complex designs from idea stage, prototyping up to manufacturing. If requested we can work on location with your team. We have experience with ear-, headphones, smart products, laptop and tablet covers, softgoods, baby strollers and many other products.

Next to that, we have extensive knowledge in user-research methods and tools to help our clients improve the overall user-experience by focussing on user-product-interaction, usability, ergonomics, etc. Especially for wearables and coming voice-controlled products we believe this to be a competitive advantage for our clients.

Using our knowledge gained from working at international design agencies and innovation labs we help companies setup and improve their innovation power, organize workshops for idea generation and help with follow-up.

Why us?

We can design everything, but we shine when it comes to consumer electronics products, wearables which are benefited from accurate ergonomics and body measurements.

Our close proximity to suppliers in China means we can serve our clients from all over the world by doing factory visits to monitor design changes after hand-over, during tooling and discuss follow-up.

How We Work

We assist you bringing an idea to life, redesign projects or quality inspections at factories in China and assist on the factory floor during tooling and manufacturing of your product.

Each company, start-up or individual has its own speed, processes and milestones and we try to blend in as much as possible, acting as a team-member for your team and company. We communicate as frequent and transparent as we can using Skype, WhatsApp or WeChat (mainly used in China) and ofcourse via e-mail. Good communication avoids misunderstandings and will keep us both on track for any deadlines and desired output.

We use state-of-the-art tools and expertise for our work, whether it is product design & development, prototyping, ergonomics or user-research in general.

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702, 7/F. Fu Fai Commercial Centre
27 Hillier Street, Sheung Wan
Hong Kong SAR
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More than fifteen years of experience in industrial design, hardware innovation, organizing workshops, setup ergonomic usertests and all-round innovation and hardware support. We have worked for/in design agencies, multicorparates and innovation labs worldwide, products ranging from foldable high-end babystrollers, light armatures, coffeemachines, earphones, headphones, covers for laptops or tablets to smart rings and smart watches. Projects ranging from weeks to up to a year.


Philips Design Research & Design (emp.)
Philips SHE4600 ergonomic guidelines (emp.)
Philips TX1/TX2 ergonomic guidelines (emp.)
ergonomics Philips Ear- & Headphones global (emp.)
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beworth design/lab

702, 7/F. Fu Fai Commercial Centre
27 Hillier Street, Sheung Wan
Hong Kong SAR
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We love to talk about our work and the intersection of design, innovation, ergonomics and business. Contact us for requests at


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