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Our close proximity to suppliers in China means we can serve our clients from all over the world by doing factory visits to monitor design changes after hand-over, during tooling and discuss follow-up. This way, we act as intermediate design team on location having a clear understanding of your products and designs.

You hand over specs, presentation images and 3D-files and after a few weeks you get sent back a sample from the supplier which unfortunately is very different from the design you got in your 3D-files, presentation material, etc. In frustration you end up with endless phone calls and emails and you almost start to lose hope. Recognize this?

We check samples verifying overall look, quality and main functionality like buttons, hinges, fit, etcetera and discuss with the mechanical engineers at the factory how to improve the sample before tooling. This way we save a lot of resources for our clients (e.g. time, money, emails, travel). Pay per each single day of factory visit or ask for a retainer. For clients worldwide.

Interested? Please contact us directly by email or send us a message directly by using our contact form below. We will reply to you within two (working) days.

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