Bicycle Concepts

This was a study project for us in where we try to see how we can use new tools such as AI Art Generators in product design. In this case we have created several design concepts for (electric) bicycles using AI Art Generator MidJourney. Eventhough these AI Art Generators can create an image from nothing, creating an image you have in mind takes actually hundreds of attempts, crafting a prompt that the AI art generator understands.

Most Interesting

We were most inspired by the bicycle design as in our header (and bottom-left) in where the frame is consisting almost entirely out of one big monoblock rather than more conventional tubular frames. Secondly the purple-yellow concept (top-right) with open structure frame caught us by suprise and especially in combination with the colors and open-structure rear wheel it leads to an entirely new design language.


We did thorough reverse image search regarding the two most interesting concepts using different search engines which did not reveal anything similar. If we were to work out one of these concepts, we would use AI Art Generator produced images as inspiration rather than an actual design.

Want to know more?

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