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Closing the Carbon Loop™
Businesses must transform from extractive business models to regenerative business models to meet the sustainability goals that consumers and investors demand from them.
But how to do that?

Our design process is meant for companies producing and selling consumer goods of any kind (food, plastic, metal and/or electronics). Quite likely, your company is to a large extent still build on a linear value chain. Our design philosopy and tools helps managers, designers and engineers to migrate from a linear (CREATE) to a circular value chain in where as much as possible gets reused, recovered or recycled (MAINTAIN). We act more as the dietician in this regard, we don't help you gather required data for ESG reporting, we do help you in finding meaningful solutions to improve your company's circularity, reduce waste, toxicity and (equivalent) emissions throughout your value chain.

Transitioning from a linear to a circular value chain might implicate however that you might want to consider as well different product-service models in where there is less owned and/or finding business partners that can help you return your goods. We got you covered as we have incorporated new product-service models as well in our design tools, together with other elements as reflected in scope 1 and 2 of ESG reporting.

Create, Maintain, Return

Our design philosophy (and some tools) helps managers, designers and engineers transform their linear design process to a circular design process encompassing the entire value chain. Our design philosophy is based on our in-house developed 'CREATE, MAINTAIN and RETURN'-dogma represented in our diagream including 14 phases in total, closing the carbon loop.

Our focus is on transitioning your company from a linear to a circular value chain, thereby reducing wasteful materials and increasing circularity. Currently already existing and available calculators and tools can be used together with our circular loop/philosphy.
Research Assistance

There are not that many tools you can use online yet helping you with this transformation and the tools available are not always the most suitable for your company. We help you with research and development of tools, guidelines and presentation pages for your company in collaboration with you and your Design and R&D team. Deliverables can be in almost any format as requested (powerpoint, excel, paper form, interactive webpages, online software, etc). Please discuss with us for possibilities.
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