From turn-key to disruptive

Let's immediately address the fantastic quote from Oren Hariri 'the electric light did not come from the continuous improvement of candles'. So true, though while looking for the electric light, you should also keep on thinking on the small improvements. Most of the times this steady improvement of products doesn't require much creative thinking or analyzing. You basically get different people together for an hour and ask them 'what's next?' and the small improvements will pop up naturally, especially sales-people are a good source of information in that respect.

Truly innovative new ideas you will not get from putting people together for an hour and ask 'what's next?'. That is because those ideas come only after following a different, more thorough process, involving user-research, consumer-centered generative and analyzing techniques (aka design thinking) and many more.

No Commitment

You have probably already tried a few times to get your team to think out-of-the-box. Some new ideas came up, but died after a few months. Your problem is that you don't have a proper pipeline for new ideas, you lack enablers in your team and overall you higher management likes new ideas but don't feel wasting time and money.

Quite likely the bigger problem is the lack of a process and the implementation of the process in the entire company. If you don't get the commitment from all stakeholders and particularly decision-makers, even the best ideas will fail. Or, if you only get juniors for a brainstorm, having limited market, business and user knowledge then you will get very creative fresh ideas but they will loose their value quickly during validation or at implementation.

Built Experience

Our service focuses on helping our clients improving (parts of) the innovation process by considering every step during your innovation cycle and guide you along the way where improvements are required. Note that in practice this process is never this clean: often enough during prototyping and validation new insights appear and problems get redefined.

With experience from working at design agencies and innovation labs and helping clients and start-ups worldwide we know how difficult it is to build a successful lasting innovation culture. Innovation is doing something inherently new and this means learning new things which goes with a lot of trial-and-error. Companies more dedicated to innovation however have proven to be more successful than those who don't innovate but only go for short-term success.

Innovation power

We help you grow your innovation power, starting from the overall innovation process, down to improving your creative sessions (brainstorm) in where your team generates new ideas. Next to that we help you how to build an innovation culture which in turn will lead to more intuitive idea generation, an increased passion for innovation, shared visions and road maps for different product categories, etc.

• improve your innovation process, working with prescribed steps, milestones and validation
• education in consumer centered research and design for team members
• organize workshops, creative sessions or workshops for your team
• tools for prototyping, ranging from 3d-printers up to a hands-on workshop

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