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A lot of times finding new ideas is not the only problem why companies are lacking innovation power. That is why we help in the entire innovation process, ranging from brainstorms and workshops up to growing an innovation culture for your company.

With experience from working at design agencies and innovation labs and helping clients and start-ups worldwide we know how difficult it is to build a successful lasting innovation culture. Innovation is doing something inherently new and this means learning new things which goes with a lot of trial-and-error. Companies more dedicated to innovation however have proven to be more successful than those who don't innovate but only go for short-term success.

Innovation Process

Figure 1. Innovation Process

The stages for innovation are quite straight forward and intuitive (see figure 1), many people will know this process out of heart and if you search online for 'innovation' there will be quite likely many companies with similar figures on their website. The problem however is not the process itself but the implementation of the process in your company which defines the success of it. If you don't get the commitment from all stakeholders and particularly decision-makers, even the best ideas will fail at implementation. Or, if you only get juniors for a brainstorm with limited market, business and user-behavior knowledge then you will get very creative fresh ideas but they will quite likely loose their value quickly during validation or at implementation.

The services we provide focus on helping our clients improving (parts of) the process by considering every step during your innovation cycle and guide you along the way where improvements are required.
Note that in practice this process is never this clean. Often enough during prototyping and validating new insights appear and problems get redefined.

Our innovation services

Innovation Score. We report on your innovation success rate, looking at the entire innovation process in your company (or team) and give you recommendations how to improve the implementation of this process.

Organize Workshops. Our workshop includes the first two steps in the innovation process as well, involving everyone during the workshop. We are convinced this creates higher value ideas and larger commitment from everyone involved.

Prototyping & Validation. We help provide tools for prototyping and assist in validation projects and can give you recommendations how to improve the prototyping/validation process further.

Teach brainstorm methods. We teach your company different brainstorm methods you can use yourself during workshops or ad-hoc brainstorms.

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