source: beworthdesignlab.com


EVA is a technique for low-pressure molding of foam and we did factory visits for our client to understand better the technique and limitations for making a laptop case using this manufacturing technique. The big advantage is that the molds are low-pressure and thus relatively cheap compared to plastic injection molds. Furthermore we helped client to create a design that was not only in line with his current brand identity already incorporated in his products but as well would be able to beat the competition in this field.


Our client has many cases with different designs on sale already. Unfortunately there is not really one clean design language present except for the brand-name. For this reason, while designing this product we considered a design language which would sit in between their most popular products, sort of unifying the entire range of products. Secondly we took elements from other products to see what we could do to create a look for this new product.


We created four concepts for the exterior and three concepts for the interior. We worked out the chosen design, a combination of an interior and exterior design, to a complete design including handles, branding, zippers, rims, materials, finishing, etc. The design renders together with a CMF-document were handed over to the supplier. We worked together with supplier to translate this challenging design to samples with which we were completely satisfied. Multiple samples were used for tradeshows by our client. Unfortunately, our client decided to abandon this project due to a changing business-strategy which was also the reason this product/design finally did not make it to the market.

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